As a “Green organization”, TWGHs actively response to the SARs environmental protection policy, so the “iRun” also add some green elements.

To reduce the waste produces by the event, we specially employ a environmental consultant company to analysis the datas, and to execute environmental protection plans throughout the event so as to reduce waste and recycle as a whole. On the other hand, to plan a future environmental protection strategy in order to reach the waste reduction effect.

iRun hopes to educate the participants to become an environmental friendly and sportive people, to work for themselves and their offspring future and to implement the concept of sustainable development.

How to be Green as a iRunner or volunteer:

  • If not need, don't take the organize T shirt or certificate.
  • Don't take the food if you don't want it.
  • Prepare your own bottle.

Green measures this year:

  • Online registration, so as to reduce papers and postage cost.
  • Participants can choose not to take the Organize T shirt.
  • Participants can choose not to take the certificate.
  • Materials won`t name years, so as to be reuse next year.
  • Instead of print-out, use E-version publication.
  • Increase the number of drinking fountains, in order to reduce the use of plastic cups.