TWGHs endeavors to promote Healthy Life Style among persons with Intellectual Disabilities (ID) and has organized “iRun – Hong Kong Special Marathon” since 2011. Long run trainings have been provided for the participants and the pair-up runners since then and their enthusiasm has shown. Therefore, the “TWGHs iRunners’ Club” (iRunners’ Club) is formed to gather the ID people who are interested in distance run and healthy life style, as well as to provide a platform to connect with the community for pursuing Social Inclusion.


- To provide practices and professional trainings to the iRunners’ Club members;

- To improve the members in knowledge of health and their performance in sports;

- To build up relations among the members and the community through regular practices;

- To enhance the communication among the members, organizations and the community and to build up a network with healthy life style.  


All people with intellectual disabilities (ID) and Hong Kong citizens are welcome and free to join as member or pair-up runner.:

a) Member: ID people aged 18 or above register throughout their rehabilitation organizations

b) Pair-up runner: Hong Kong citizens aged 18 or above who interested to practice with ID people

Programme of iRunners’ Club:

iRunners’ Club aims at improving the members performance in long run and knowledge of sports, enhance the communication among members. Regular practices to be provided by professional coaches, monthly mini-talks about sport medical, nutrition or related topics are to improve members’ performance and knowledge. 

- Regular practices

- Monthly mini-talks

- Mini races

- Newsletters

Join the TWGHs iRunners’ Club:

Download the Membership Form (ID members or Pair-up runners). Members and pair-up runners are free to join any practice sessions according to the monthly schedule.

Membership Form:

Membership Form (ID members from organizations)

Membership Form (Pair-up runners)

Severe Weather Arrangements

Monthly Schedule:

Special arrangement in July and August

iRunners’ Club has considered higher temperature occurs more frequently in Summer, we decide to have a summer break in the individual districts during July and August. Training will be resumed in September.


Please follow our Facebook fan page to get the latest news. (FB: For more details, please feel free to contact us via phone call or email.

Telephone: +852 2870 9220