Important Dates

Deadline for Registration:24th September 2018 (Monday)

Please settle the registration fee on or before 13th November 2018 (Tuesday) to complete the registration.

 Briefing Session:

  • Date: 5th January 2018 (Saturday) at 9:30 A.M.
  • Venue: Hall E, TWGHs Jockey Club Rehabilitation Complex, 4 Welfare Road, Aberdeen, H.K.
  • Target: Representatives from NGOs and Schools
  • Content: To introduce the event, points to note and Q&A

Public Training Sessions: 

Date Venue Time Content
27th November 2018, Tuesday Tuen Mun Tang Shiu Kin Sports Ground 7-9 P.M. Training includes warm-up exercise, running tips, and pair-up runners matching. The Content is identical in each session.
29th November 2018 (Thursday) Sha Tin Sports Ground
4th December 2018 (Tuesday) Siu Sai Wan Sports Ground
6th December 2018 (Thursday) Hammer Hill Road Sports Ground
11th December 2018 (Tuesday) Perth Street Sports Ground
13th December 2018 (Thursday) Aberdeen Sports Ground

Remarks: Please visit our Facebook fan page for further changes of the training sessions. (FB:

The Organizer will also provide individual trainings for the six rehabilitation organizations with the highest number of participants.

Each session includes 2 hours training to be hosted experienced coach. The date, time, location and the training content are at the choice of the rehabilitation organizations. Pair-up runners are welcome to join.

Further details:

  • 1) Suggested period: In between 26th November 2018 (Monday) and 29th December 2018 (Saturday)
  • 2) Suggested training day: Monday to Saturday
  • 3) Number of participants: At maximum 60 runners with ID
  • The Organizer will contact the rehabilitation organizations individually for arrangement.

Issue of Advice of Acceptance:

9th November 2018 (Friday)

Collection of Runner’s Packs:

The runner’s packs including Bib Number will be distributed to the ID runners and pair-up runners via the rehabilitation organizations or the special schools. Please present the Advice of Acceptance for verification when collect the runner’s packs.

Local participants and pair-up runners:

  • 1) Collect on 5th January 2019 (Saturday) from 10:30 A.M. to 2 P.M.
  • Venue: Hall E, TWGHs Jockey Club Rehabilitation Complex, 4 Welfare Road, Aberdeen, H.K.
  • 2) For those who are unable to collect runner’s packs at 5th January 2019, please contact the Organizing Committee of iRun 2019 at 2870 9220 to re-arrange collection at Room DUG 12, UG/F, Block D, TWGHs Jockey Club Rehabilitation Complex, 4 Welfare Road, Aberdeen, H.K.

Overseas participants and pair-up runners:

  • To collect the runner’s packs on 12th January 2019 (Saturday) from 1 P.M. to 5 P.M.
  • Or
  • On the Event Day from 8:30 A.M. to 9 A.M. at information counter (Tamar Park, Admiralty).

Terms and Conditions:

  • Participants and pair-up runners are advised to undertake adequate training before the event. 
  • Participants and pair-up runners are advised to have medical consultation by the doctors if they are have qualms of their health condition prior to taking part in the race.
  • Participants with Intellectual Disabilities (ID) MUST be 12 years old or above. Registration of the event shall be submitted through their related rehabilitation organizations or special schools, by mail, fax or online registration. Each participant must join the race with a pair-up runner who is either arranged by themselves or matched by the Organizer. Completed registration form or online registration must be submitted not later than 24th September 2018 (Monday). Registration fee shall be settled on or before 13th November 2018 (Tuesday) by mail. The registration will be served on first-come-first-serve basis.
  • All pair-up runners MUST have attained the age of 14 or above on the event day and with good health condition. They must agree to complete the race with ID participants. For pair-up runners who are from the age of 14 to 18, please complete and submit the consent form with parent or guardian signature as well.  
  • Tung Wah Group of Hospitals (“the Organizer”) has the right to verify the qualification of the participants and the pair-runners before, during or after the race.
  • The Organizer reserves the right to close the registration before deadline without notice when the quota of the race is full.
  • Registration will only be processed after the receipt of full payment of registration fee (except the overseas participants). Date of receipt and cheque payment of the registration will be determined according to the postal stamp on the envelop.
  • The Organizer reserves the right to limit and refuse any entry.
  • The Organizer reserves the right to contact applicants or their related organizations for additional information which are necessary for the application.
  • Registration fee is non-refundable. The Organizer reserves the right to refuse any entry from any applicant who provides false information, does not settle the required payment, or fails to meet entry requirements as stated in the Registration Form.
  • Shall the event be cancelled, refund of the registration fee will be settled before 31st March 2019 and the Organizer shall have no further responsibility thereafter.
  • Any person who is pregnant or suffering from any chronic diseases such as heart disease or hypertension should not participate in the event. The Organizer reserves the right to disallow or disqualify the person who is known as or suspected to be physically inappropriate to participate in the event. The Organizer shall not be obliged to refund any registration fee for such disallowed or disqualified person.
  • Rehabilitation organizations or special schools when nominate participants and pair-up runners shall ensure that they are medically and physically appropriate to participate in the event. By submitting his or her entry, each participant and pair-up runner agree to be bound by the Race Rules, the Official Rules and the Terms and Conditions of participation as herein contained and as shall from time to time be introduced by the Organizer.
  • Tung Wah Group of Hospitals reserves the right to interpret or amend the above Terms and Conditions.

Official Rules:

  • Registration and Bib Number are non-transferable.
  • The Organizer reserves the right to disqualify or exclude any person from the race who provided false personal data or details with the registration. No refund of registration fees will be applied for this circumstance.
  • Participants and pair-up runners must retire from the race immediately when requested as any members of the officials, medical staffs, race director or referees.
  • Any form of wheel-run objects of transport, e.g. wheelchairs, bicycles, skates, push carts, shoes with built-in or attached rollers, etc. are restricted in the race.
  • Spiked shoes are prohibited in the race course.
  • Participants and pair-up runners are not allowed to run with pets, babies, children who under 12 years old and unregistered runners.
  • Any written disputes and appeals of the prize winners or potential prize winners must be submitted to the Organizer within 30 minutes of the announced results or immediately after the prize presentation ceremony, whichever is earlier.
  • Participants are allowed to change their pair-up runners on the event day. Information of the new pair-up runners must be submitted with completed form to the Information Counter by 9:15 A.M on the secure day. Late submission of the information may not be updated on the site.
  • Any written disputes and appeals of all participants regarding the results must be submitted within 7 days after the race.
  • Tung Wah Group of Hospitals reserves the right to interpret or amend the above rules.