Date / Time :

14th January, 2018(Sunday) 10:00a.m.
(Applicants and pair-up runners must arrive at 9:15am or before)

Group, Race and Time limit

There are “Challenge Group” and “iRun Group” for 2018.

The “Challenge Group” has 3km and 5km race and the time limit is set in 30 minutes and 45 minutes respectively. Both 3km and 5km Challenge Group is also categorized by age and gender (refer to the attached table), the top ten winners of each Challenge Group will be awarded with trophies. The “Evergreen Group” of 3km Challenge race aims to encourage the participation of the Intellectual Disability seniors (aged 51 and over).

The “iRun Group” is a 3km race and participants need to complete the race in 70 minutes. No prize will be awarded for this group.

Registration is on first-come-first-served basis.

Race Group Age Group Abbreviation Personal Best Record
Challenge Group
Male Aged 12 or above M5 Less than
45 mins.
Female F5
Challenge Group
Teens (Male) Aged 12 - 18 M1 Less than
30 mins.
Youth (Male) Aged 19 - 34 M2
Master (Male) Aged 35 -50 M3
Evergreen (Male) Aged 51 or above M4
Teens (Female) Aged 12 - 18 F1
Youth (Female) Aged 19 - 34 F2
Master (Female) Aged 35 -50 F3
Evergreen (Female) Aged 51 or above F4
3km iRun Group Male Aged 12 or above M8 Less than
70 mins.
Female F8

(Participants MUST reach the age of 12 on the event day)

Venue :

Tamar Park

Qualification :

People with Intellectual Disability (ID) must reach the age of 12 on event day. All registration should be submitted through rehabilitation organizations or special schools.

Local and overseas participants are welcomed.

Arrangement of Pair-up Runner :

Every participant should arrange by himself/herself a pair-up runner who has attained the age of 14 on the event day. For pair-up runner from age 14 to 18, please complete below consent form with parent or guardian signature.

Should there be any difficulties; the Organizer will arrange pair up runner for matching.

Pair-up runner from age 14 to 18 consent form


Six identical training sessions as follows:
Date Venue Time Content
21st November,2017 Tuen Mun Tang Shiu Kin Sports Ground 7-9pm Training include warm up, race training, running tips and pair-up runner matching.
23rd November 2017 Shatin Sports Ground
28th November 2017 Siu Sai Wan Sports Ground
30th November 2017 Hammer Hill Road Sports Ground
05th December 2017 Perth Street Sports Ground
07th December 2017 Aberdeen Sports Ground

Please refer to iRun website or facebook page for any update.

The Organizer also provides individual trainings for six Rehabilitation Organizations with the most number of participants. Each session include 2 hours training with experienced coach, the date, time, location and the training content are at the choice of the rehabilitation agency. Pairup runners are welcomed to join.

Registration Fee:

TWGHs iRun-Hong Kong Jockey Club Special Marathon 2018
ID runners             HK$30
Pair-up runners      free

Dress code

The Organizer will provide short sleeves/dry fit T-shirt for the participants and the pair up runners, the size reference is as follows:

(Plane) XS S M L XL XXL
Chest Width (CM) 44.5 47 50 53 56 60
Shirt Length (CM) 64 66 68 70 72 76

Participants MUST wear the Bib Number provided by the Organizer to enter the racecourse.

Central and Western District Promenade (Central Section) and Lung Wo Road.
Map of Racecourse will be announce soon, please refer to iRun website or facebook page for any update.

Acceptance Letter:

Acceptance letter will be sent to all rehabilitation organizations/ special schools with successful registration before 13th November, 2017. If you do not receive the Acceptance Letter by 17th November, 2017(Monday) , please call (852) 2870-9220 or email to for enquiry or assistance.

Runner’s Pack :
The runner’s pack including Bib Number and T-shirt will be distributed to the ID runners and pair-up runners via Rehabilitation organizations or special schools.

Local participants and pair-up runners
i) Collect on 06th January 2018(Saturday) from 10:30am to 4pm
Venue: Hall E, Jockey Club Rehabilitation Complex, 4 Welfare Road, Aberdeen, H.K.
ii) For those who cannot collect runner’s pack at 06th January, 2018, please contact iRun2018 Organizing Committee (852)2870 9220 to arrange then collects at Room 12, UG/F, Block D, TWGHs Jockey Club Rehabilitation Complex, 4 Welfare Road, Aberdeen.

Oversea participants and pair-up runners
Collect on 13th January, 2018 from 1pm to 5pm or Event Day from 8:30 to 9am at information counter (Tamar Park, Admiralty).

All runner’s pack must be collected and please present the Acceptance Letter for confirmation.

Transportation :

Participants are encouraged to take public transport, brief road map and information on public transport are as follows:

MTR:  Admiralty Station Exit A

2, 12A, 12M, 111, 260, 301, 302, 305, 307, 511, 590A, 601, 641, 681, 690, 720, 722, 780, 905, 914, 960, 961, 968, 978

Green Mini Bus:  
10, 11, 24A, 24M, 31, 56A

No parking space will be reserved.

Starting Time :

The Race will start at 10:00 am.
Participants and pair-up runners are advised to follow the instructions by the officials to ensure a smooth start.

Rules and Regulations :
  1. Spiked shoes are prohibited in the race course.
  2. All participants and pair-up runners are expected to wear the T-shirt with the Bid provided by the Organizer.
  3. All participants should not hamper others intentionally, or run away from the race course, or having any other unethical behaviors.
  4. Extra precaution is needed when overtaking others to prevent injuries.
  5. Participants and pair-up runner must stay in the rest area and should not re-enter the racecourse after finishing.
  6. The Organizer reserves the right to disqualify or exclude any person from the competition. For details, please refer to the Official Rules Detailed on the website.
Timing System :

Each successful participant and his/her pair-up runner will be provided a Bib Number which MUST be pinned at the front of the T-shirt during the race. A timing tag for each ID runners is attached with the Bib Number, individual racing time will be recorded when the participants and their pair-up runners pass the timing mat located at the starting point, turning point and the finish point. Results of the winners are calculated on the official time of the runners with ID but not his/her pair-up runners.

Drinks, Snacks and Toilet Facilities :

Water station will be set up through the race track and at the end point of the race course. Drinking water and snacks will also be provided in the park. Participants and their pair-up runners are free to bring along their drinks as supplement. Temporary toilets are available. All participants and pair-up runners are advised to keep the environment clean.

Awards and Souvenirs :
Race Group Group Abbreviation Rank & Prize (HK$)
1st 2nd 3rd 4th to 10th

Challenge Group

Male M5 1500 1000 800 Award Cup
Female F5 1500 1000 800

Challenge Group

Teens (Male) M1 1000 800 500
Youth (Male) M2 1000 800 500
Master (Male) M3 1000 800 500
Evergeen (Male) M4 1000 800 500 Not applicable
Teens (Female) F1 1000 800 500 Award Cup
Youth (Female) F2 1000 800 500
Master (Female) F3 1000 800 500
Evergeen (Female) F4 1000 800 500 Not applicable
    1st to 3rd will be awarded at prizes

3Km iRun Group

No ranking and award


All participants and their pair-up runners will be awarded a medal and certificate.

Prizes will be presented to the first three Rehabilitation Organizations or Special Schools with the most applicants.
Prize Presentation Ceremony will be held on 11:15 a.m. on event day. Please inform the Organizer as soon as possible if any prize winners cannot attend the ceremony.

Cancellation of the Event 
Race will be cancelled if any of the following warnings is announced or issued by Hong Kong Observatory at 6:00a.m. on event day.

● Red or Black Rainstorm Warning
● No. 8 or above Tropical Cyclone Warning Signal

Air Quality Health Index

Participants may decide to join the race with reference to the “Air Quality Health Index” issued by the Environmental Protection Department.

Weather & AQHI :
January February
Mean Pressure (hPa) 1021.2 1019.4

Air Temperature (deg. C)

Mean Daily Max.

18.9 19.5


16.4 17.5

Mean Daily Min.

14.5 15.9
Mean Relative Humidity (%) 72% 78%

(Source: Summary of Meteorological Observations in Hong Kong, 2016)

Participants must pay attention to the announcement from the Organizer, the radio, TV Broadcasting on AQHI, and respectively take special notice of the following advice issued by the Environmental Protection Department (EPD) when the general or roadside AQHI reaches Serious (10+):

Air Quality Health Index (AQHI) Serious
Persons with existing heart or respiratory illness (such as coronary heart and cardiovascular diseases, asthma, chronic obstructive airways diseases) are advised to avoid prolonged stay in areas with heavy traffic. If it is necessary to stay in streets or roads with heavy traffic, they are advised to reduce physical exertion as much as possible.